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Published February 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello People, I’m so glad it’s Friday today..Yay!! I’ve got a bit of sniffles today. Still feeling tired, I think I have not recovered 100% yet. Anyways, last night I watched the episode of the Naked Lentils. It talks about this Lentil based Restaurant in Melbourne that sells Lentils and other vegetarian stuff and they don’t have prices on their menu. They rely upon customers’ donations, customers pay for what they think the meal is worth. There’s a few restaurants in Perth that are vegetarian that does that kind of thing. Then it talks about how the restaurant was in debt and they couldn’t afford to pay their suppliers. I started thinking is the restaurant functioning on stupidity or generosity?? I certainly wouldn’t do it if I owned a restaurant unless I’m like a billionaire and I can afford to throw the money out. Nowadays, I think people ain’t as honest as before and I’m pretty sure some people would just walk in and enjoy the meal and pay a couple of dollars or even worse leave without paying. Anyways, I admire the owner’s persistence to run the business this way and apparently he goes on about opening new restaurants in Sydney too. So perhaps this way of running the business is actually working. It’s hard running a business especially if it’s a restaurant business, I think that’s why Pandabear is really against me opening up my own restaurant. Too many risks and the time you spent on it is not really worth what you’re earning back in return. Okies, another update my little insect bite turns out to be ok, this morning I checked it less swollen and I slept like a log last night so it must have been just some sort of Ants bite.

Have a great weekend guys 🙂


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