Restaurant Review – Rockpool Bar and Grill

Published February 6, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening People, it’s come to that time for my brain to start winding down. Wow it’s been a productive & busy day today. Start off in the morning doing the usual house chores, washing 3 loads of washing, made my irobot vacuum the floor, dish washing and finally waiting for my friend Miss A to pick me up to Burswood park for some birthday celebration with BBQ. Now I’m not very fond of BBQ, why? Cos I get sunburn easily, even if it’s not very sunny today and quite windy – I’ve decided to not put some suncream on and guess what happened? I got burnt, it’s now a little hot and sore on my chest 😦 that will teach me next time to be brave and not put some suncream on. After the BBQ, I went straight to a meeting which went for 2 hours so by the time I got home, I was tired but still managed to cooked some mushroom steak Pattie sandwich along with some health string beans.

Okies, it’s time for a restaurant review and I’m proud to do a review on this restaurant, I’ve been to this restaurant twice and I’m loving it. Rockpool Bar and Grill in Melbourne within the Crown Entertainment Complex owned by Neil Perry. My first impression of stepping into the restaurant is that the whole atmosphere is grand, classy with a touch of elegance. What caught my eyes were these bold cuts of meat dangling in those clean and sparkling glass case. It didnt’ put me off infact I was curious why the owner decided to dangle those cut of meats upon the entrance. We had to book in advance as this place gets booked out very quickly. The waiter set us down and handed us the menu – I realised it has a date on it with a picture of cow and me being me was very curious, I asked the waiter why there was a date on this menu and he said ‘ they change their menu everyday’. I was very pleased to hear this. Later on, upon deciding what to get from the menu the waiter brought out different cuts of meats wrapped around was white tea towel showing us the different cuts of meat – that was intriguing and a bold approach to show your customers the difference between a rib eye and T-Bone.

For entree we had the lobster linguine – it was delicious, I could have more of it if it wasn’t too expensive…now for mains since Rockpool Bar and Grill was famous for it’s steak, we both ended up ordering steak. Now people would say aint all steak done the same way – what’s so special about Rockpool and why would you pay so much for the steak. Well, let me tell you it isn’t just any steak – the waigu beef was fantastic it literally melts in your mouth and you could still taste the sauces in your mouth after you finished chewing. The sauces were delicious and it complimented well with the steak. I like my steak medium well done, now – I don’t like it rare but it needs to be cooked with no blood – I find some restaurants tend to over cook my steak. But Rockpool did a fantastic job with my rib eye – pink in the centre and NO BLOOD πŸ™‚ I was very pleased with the mains. Came to dessert time, the waiter came back with a smile and asked whether we would like to have some dessert? Why not? Now we were feeling quite full from our mains and was thinking do we really want dessert?? The waiter came back after a few minutes and asked us what we would like for dessert we said we were quite full, the smart waiter said well there is this refreshing crushed strawberry rose ice dessert that we could both share. We were convinced by him, and decided to order the dessert. We were so glad we ordered it, when you see it, it’s just like normal shaved ice but when you taste it – it’s so cooling, refreshing, strawberries with rose water and ice – it was delicious πŸ™‚ We were very satisfied and thanked the waiter for recommending it.

My overall rating…

Dining Experience: 4.5 star
Food Experience: 4.5 star
Would I recommend: Absolutely a YES

This restaurant is best suited for couples, as the whole ambiance of the restaurant is romantic and classy. The kitchen is an open kitchen so you could see what’s going on in the kitchen at all time. That’s the fascinating part, the chefs are working hard to produce excellent dishes and they are constantly under the customers eyes. However, the price range is a little on the higher end – but it’s definitely worth trying..I may consider going back for 3rd time when I move to Melbourne…btw, before I left I asked the waiter if I could keep a copy of the menu – he said why not? He even rolled it up so I don’t crease it, what a friendly well trained waiter. The service is excellent and that’s what dining is all about – food and service πŸ™‚

The Cow Menu

The Cow Menu

Lobster Linguine

Lobster Linguine

Waigu Beef

Waigu Beef

Strawberry crushed ice with rose water

Strawberry crushed ice with rose water


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