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Published February 5, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello People, I’m so happy cos it’s friday – I love fridays and especially weekends. Anyways, I’ve had a chat with a few of my friends to obtain some feedback on my blog. I’ve been told that sometimes my writings are too long and it would actually be better if I separate them out into paragraphs. I don’t like paragraphs but for the sake of people reading it, I will try my best. Tomorrow, my friend Miss A will be having her birthday celebration – I’ve told her about my ideas of video taping me cooking and posting it on my blog and she’s agreed to help out with filming she’s got a video cam!! Yay…so now all I have to do is to be brave and start arranging the filming side of things. I really need some courage, initially I’m not keen on the idea of me in the picture, but hey? It’s different and would make my blog more alive 🙂

The other thing is soon I will be changing the format of my blog design background cos I find the writing part is pretty squashed…so I will endeavor to change it on my 1 month anniversary of blogging 🙂 Also, I’ve been thinking I also own a lot of kitchen gadgets so I’m thinking of doing a review on these gadgets. I have kitchen gadgets collection. Pandabear collects IT gadgets stuff and he’s definitely a MAC person.

Please drop me a comment so I know you guys are still reading this blog 🙂 Even if it’s to say hi…

Take care…and till next time…:-)


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