Restaurant Review – Chianti On Colin’s

Published February 4, 2010 by Mary Jane

It’s time for some restaurant review. This particular is situated in West Perth. I’ve been there for a work function for lunch and the service was great and food was great. I’ve decided to go there and try out their dinner. I haven’t been to the place for a few years, so wasn’t sure whether it was still the same chef and decor. When I got there, I was alittle disappointed as it kinda look a little worn out, dark and the chairs looks like it’s been there forever. I was hoping the food would make up for the decore. Anyways, the waitress greeted us and appears quite friendly. After we were given menus and decided what we wanted, we waited there appears only 2 waitress on for the night which is fine considered the place wasn’t packed for a Saturday night. I then came to realise why the place isn’t packed on a Saturday night. We had to ask the waitress to come and grab our order, as she disappears into the kitchen. There was no vegies with the mains so we had to order a side dish of vegies. We asked the waitress how much we need to order for the vegies, she said 3-4 serves should be sufficient for a group of 6. Most of us had the steak, I felt like fish so I ordered the fish dish. One person had the lamb. The presentation is ok, except I find the sauces were everywhere – really it would look nicer if they cleaned the plate a little.

Now the taste of the dishes, most of my friends said it was pretty average. For me, my fish was terrible – the fish was flaky not tender and I feel alittle ripped off cos the serving was quite small. The food was warm instead of hot in temperature. Also our serving of veggies came – we were thinking they were going to bring an extra bowl of veggies but that was it – 3 serving of veggies – that costed us close to a main. So not too happy about the serving of veggies. Now the waitress convinced us to order some desserts as they have great desserts, we decided to try it out – perhaps the dessert will make up for the mains. We had the apple crumble and the creme brulee they were pretty average too. So overall, the food experience was pretty average for the price we paid…Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 2 star
Food Experience: 2.5 star
Would I recommend going: NO


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