Comfort Food Recipe – Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Published February 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello People, wow it’s been one of those weeks. Yesterday, I was down with a major sore throat and feeling really cold and my whole body was aching. So I decided to rest at home and slept literally the whole day and night, the only time I woke up was to grab something to eat, fortunately Pandabear was doing night shift so he ended up sleeping with me nearly the whole day so that’s didn’t make me feel too bad.I don’t like being sick, it feels exhausting. I’m feeling a bit better today, still not 100%. Anyways, managed to watch Julie & Julia the other day and was really surprised that it was about blogging. Funny, I was thinking of going through Jamie Oliver’s cook book – the one that my younger sister bought for my birthday and endeavor to cook recipes from that book. Great minds think alike…it is indeed an inspirational movie – though I must admit it was only an ok movie for me I think with everyone saying it’s a great movie, kinda hyped it up abit. So I’m determined to use the cook book to cook when I’m in Melbourne. Also, Pandabear and I decided to trial out and video cam me cooking from our small olympus camera – which the quality isn’t too great but it should do the trick. He was keen to show me how to edit the video clips on his MAC – he’s a MAC person, I’m not – I’m just happy with PC – as long as they work it doesn’t really bother me. So it was kinda funny for me to stand there and go through the recipe I was cooking, I’ve watched it afterwards – definitely looks like a home job hehehehe…okies, when I’m brave enough to do the final video clip I shall upload them on utube 🙂

Now this particular recipe is so simple, healthy and refreshing – I’ve learnt it from my brother in law who is Vietnamese Chinese. Those who are on diet, this recipe is for you. You can eat as many as you like and still don’t feel too guilty.

Here it is…

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


1 packet of rice paper rolls
1 bunch of mints
1 bunch of chives
1 small packet of prawns
some bean sprouts
some rice noodles
1 small lean pork


1. First of all, you need to prepare all the ingredients for the spring roll. All you need to do is boil the prawns, bean sprouts, rice noodles and drain them. Put them in separate bowls to be wrapped inside the spring roll. Chopped up all the mints and chives. You may want to put some additional ingredients into it.

2. Heat up a bowl of warm to hot water, now the rice paper rolls comes packets and they’re round in shape. All you do is dip them into the hot water so it becomes wet and soft. Lay it on to the plate and put your fillings inside it and wrap them up like a spring roll.

3. For dipping sauce, you can buy a jar of Hoi Sin sauce and you may find they are a little thick all you need to do is to dilute them by adding some hot water into it and mix it so it’s less thick. And there you have it yummy Vietnamese spring rolls.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


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