Comfort Food Recipe – Tikka Salmon with Salad

Published January 30, 2010 by Mary Jane

Good evening people, this is my last post for the evening. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I didn’t feel like cooking cos I was feeling tired. Anyways, since I’ve bought the ingredients for tonight I decide I must persist on. Pandabear said ‘why didn’t you buy 2 min noodles then you don’t have to cook much’ Well, I didn’t – 2 min noodles ain’t that healthy anyways. So tonight’s dish is something I saw on Jamie Oliver’s ministry of food, I vaguely remember how its done..anyways, it didn’t have a good start – I found the salmon I bought had lots of bones and I didn’t have tweezers to pull them out so had to use my finger nails strength that was painful and then I found some scales weren’t probably done, didn’t have the scaling metal thing so had to use my knife. Could this be any harder??? Grrr…but eventually my persistance was rewarded…

Here it is…

Tikka Salmon with Yoghurt Salad


1 piece of salmon
1 table spoon of tikka curry paste
2 cucumbers
2 tomatoes
3 table spoon of plain yoghurt
2 pieces of Nan bread


1. First slice the salmon into thin slices, rub in the tikka curry paste. You can buy a jar of these in any supermarket stores. Tikka curry paste has lemony flavour that gets rid of fish taste like salmon.

2. Heat up pan with medium heat and put the salmon pieces into the pan. Few minutes on each side. Now, don’t need to put oil because salmon is rich in omega oil. It may look abit charred but it’s only because of the curry paste.

3. Now to prepare the yoghurt salad, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, salt and pepper to season and add yoghurt in. Mix it around. Leave some chopped cucumbers and tomatoes aside

4. Placed your Nan bread in the oven for 200 degrees for 10 minutes. You can buy them in packets in any super market.

5. To plate up, lay the fresh Nan bread out of oven onto the plate. Put salmon pieces in the centre, pour the yoghurt salad over the salmon. Sprinkle the remainder chopped cucumbers and tomatoes on top along with my favourite chopped red chillie and if you are a herb person put some chopped coriander on top and it’s perfect.

What I found is the dish is delicious however the salmon and yoghurt makes the Nan bread soggy, so if I were to serve this dish again I would put the Nan bread aside and eat it with salmon and yoghurt salad.


Tikka Salmon with Yoghurt Salad

Tikka Salmon with Yoghurt Salad


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