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Published January 30, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello People, it’s been a few days since I haven’t blogged. Work has been hectic it seemed to drain my whole entire energy. Well, today is Saturday and usually this is the day I do my housework as well as grocery shopping. However this morning, we went to our church and decided to remove as much branches and leaves that’s been sitting there for ages (I can’t remember how long it’s been). It was time to clean up and chuck them into the skipper bin. It was a great morning, nice breeze and lots of people turned up to help out 🙂

We end up clearing most of it, could have done it all but it couldn’t fit into the skipper bin – it was too full. Me being me thinking if we manually sweep all these leaves it would take us forever, so I overhead our opposite neighbour with his big leave sucking machine sucking his leaves. So as much as it sounds crazy. I went over and shouted ‘dear sir, we are just cleaning our church would it be possible to borrow your leave sucking machine?’ – He answered ‘well, I was thinking about doing mine first – but you can borrow it first – let me fill in some petrol’. I was really surprised, such a nice elderly man. There’s this little secret I must share with you. I love children, animals and elderly people. It may sound bizarre but I find I connect with these things rather quickly and I have infinite patients for these things. So I was really happy he was able to lend us the big leave sucking machine 🙂 it shows there’s really nice people in this world…

Now, I went home had a nap and got up thinking do I have to go grocery shopping? Yes, I do!! So off I went every Saturday I would try to catch my good mate Mr J who owns a health food store at the shopping centre. Today I went by to say hello and we had a chat about my food & travel blog. Mr J who also has a photography business as his side business offered to do shooting for my food – that’s fantastic! I’m really excited… He also gave me some ideas on how to make my blog alive! Video clips of my food cooking – thinking about it gives me jelly legs…I’m so nervous plus I do not have a professional video cam, well I suppose my olympus camera has video recording functions…I really should be more brave…thanks Mr J for giving these ideas and showing me how to upload video clips onto my blog 🙂

Sometimes I think my writing is too long, nobody would want to read such a long blog..nevermind I hope one day my favourite chef Jamie Oliver will read it 🙂 and that’s all it matters…


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