Comfort Food Recipe – Crumbed Barramundi

Published January 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

Ok, it’s time to move onto cooking fish. To be honest I’m not really a fish person – and I used to hate cooking fish cos it makes the whole kitchen stinky and also sometimes it gets burnt easily and flaky. So I’ve finally come across Barramundi fillets which are easy to cook and doesn’t get burnt or become flaky easily. Anyways, this dish is simple and a boost of omega oil cos fish is good for your body. I’ve served it with some broccoli and chips. 🙂

Here it is…

Crumbed Barramundi


1 x piece of barramundi fllet
2 table spoon of bread crumbs
1 egg
1 table spoon of plain flour
1 packet of frozen chips
1 small bunch of brocolli
2 x cloves of garlic


1. first drizzle some olive oil onto the fish fillet, beat up the egg and mix the bread crumb and flour together. Now dip the fish fillet into the egg mixture both sides and dip into the bread crumb and flour mixture and pop it into the pan – medium heat. Fish cooks pretty quickly so about few minutes each side – until it’s golden brown – season with salt and pepper.

2. Pop the frozen chips into the oven to cook it. If you want to make your own fresh chips – simply boil the potatoes – until it’s semi cooked and cut them into strips – season with olive oil and salt & pepper and pop them into the oven. However, it’s quicker just getting frozen chips from the supermarket and cook it in the oven. Taste just as good.

3. heat up the pan with some oil and add minced garlic and chopped up the broccoli into small pieces and stir fry it until it’s cook, season with salt and pepper

And there you have it crumbed barramundi served with chips and broccoli 🙂

Crumbed Burramundi

Crumbed Burramundi


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