Restaurant Review – Dumpling King

Published January 23, 2010 by Mary Jane

Good evening people, As I mentioned earlier that at lunch time I was going to visit a friend who recently had a baby boy. Anyways, I met up with a friend Miss S for lunch at one of our friend’s family restaurant – Dumpling King at Langford. Even though this restaurant is owned by one of our friend Miss J but I’m still going to put a rating on it without been bias..hehehe 🙂

We got there pretty early around 11am as we wanted to visit our other friend at 12.30pm. We were one of the first customers, from the outside appearance it definitely looks like a hawker store rather small. However, once you step into the restaurant it’s actually quite big and spacious. On the menu it lists out mainly Taiwanese & Korean dishes with some Malaysian dishes. I felt like Korean today so we were deciding what to order…

We realised there was a board behind the counter which list out top 8 house specials – top 1 – dumplings and top 2 – Korean black bean dry noodle. So we decided to share dumplings together and I ordered Korean black bean dry noodles and Miss S ordered Korean spicy seafood noodle soup. Miss S wanted some kim chee but they didn’t have any kim chee. By that time we were wondering where is Miss J apparently she slept in and came to work late hahaha so when she arrived she gave us kim chee chives 🙂 that was nice.

The boy who served us seemed very nervous however, he appears very friendly. The food came out very quickly, the presentation was great – the serving was huge we thought perhaps the dad gave us extra serving but we saw some other plates to other customers were huge too. The taste of my Korean black bean noodle was delicious just like the ones I see on Korean dramas. Miss S was also very happy with her spicy Korean seafood noodle soup, I had a taste of the soup and it was yummy.:-)

Here’s my star rating:

Dining experience- 3.5 star
Food experience – 4 star
Would I recommend going – YES

The only improvement I would suggest is to perhaps improve the decor of the restaurant, but since it’s a hawker style shop – it might just pass for the restaurant appearance. Also, they had paper menu posted on the wall with kim chee but they didn’t sell kim chee so it might make customers feeling disappointed…



Korean Black Bean Dry Noodle

Korean Black Bean Dry Noodle

Spicy Korean Seafood Noodle Soup

Spicy Korean Seafood Noodle Soup

Kim Chee Chives

Kim Chee Chives


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