Comfort Food Recipe – Thai Green Chicken Curry

Published January 23, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Everyone, I’ve done 1 load of washing already yay!! The good thing about waking up early in the morning is when you hang the clothes out the weather is still quite cool and breezy 🙂 Anyways, onto the next topic of comfort food – CURRY – I love curries they are one of my favourite dishes, however Pandabear don’t like curries very much cos he’s not into any spicy food 😦 I used to work at a Thai restaurant back many many years as a supervisor doing waitressing and because I love the food part I used to sneak into the kitchen and watch how the chef does her Thai cooking. Thus, I’ve learnt a few yummy Thai dishes which I’ll be posting it up…they are so simple and quick anyone can cook! 🙂

here it is…

Thai Green Chicken Curry


6 pieces of chicken thighs
1 cup of frozen peas
1 can of green curry paste
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 table spoon of palm sugar
1 can of coconut milk


1. Sliced the chicken thighs into long pieces, heat up the pan with some oil and stir fry the chicken pieces until golden brown. Add 1 tablespoon of green curry paste (I use the green can with a female head on it – can’t remember the name but it’s made in Thailand and the restaurants use it) the curry paste is very spicy so if you are not into spicy food you can make the curry paste mild by reducing the tablespoon to a teaspoon. You can take the option of making your own curry paste but you’ll have to buy the ingredients and do a lot of chopping and mixing you better off buying the curry paste. Stir fry it until you can smell the aroma. Chuck in the frozen peas (you can substitute with chinese cabbage and tofu goes really well with green curry too :-))

2. Add in coconut milk – now some people likes their curry real thick if that’s you add more coconut milk but if you like your curry soupy then reduce the coconut milk and substitute it with water. By now you should have a green mixture that’s looking a little milky.

3. Bring the mixture to boil and reduce to low heat. Add in palm sugar and fish sauce – taste your curry to make sure it’s salty enough. And simmer until the meat is soft and tender and there you have it a yummy Thai Green Chicken Curry…Garnish with some basil and red capsicum strip


Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry


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