Restaurant Review – Red Cabbage

Published January 22, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello People, well I’ve mentioned earlier that I would start putting restaurant reviews in my blogs. So on my birthday we went to Red Cabbage Food & Wine Restaurant in South Perth. It used to be called Reflections by the Swan. Anyways, I was really excited as I’ve heard good reviews about Red Cabbage. I’m a harsh critic as I’ve tried so many different restaurants my taste

Anyways, here’s my ratings:

5 star = Excellent
4 star = Very good
3 star = Average
2 star = Bad
1 star = Poor

So for entree – we decided to have some olives with bread rolls – they only gave me 1 bread roll and Pandabear had 1 as well. I would have prefer 2 as they were tiny round bread rolls. Anyways, for main Pandabear decided to have Atlantic salmon in a Chinese broth with linguine and I was feeling brave and wanted to try the Venison with garlic mash and roasted beetroot. I warned Pandabear about Chinese broth it might be overpowering for the fish, but he wanted to try it out. So when the dish came the Chinese broth was very strong with garlic and chilli flavour so Pandabear didn’t quite like his dish. For my venison it was medium rare – which is pink and perhaps with some blood. I usually like my meat cooked medium well done so there’s no blood and it’s still tender. However for venison it needs to be cooked medium rare otherwise the meat will become tough and chewy. The garlic mash was smooth and tasty. We also ordered some chips as our sides that was a great idea as the serving was not large. The chips was definitely home made and very tasty 🙂

Dessert time, we decided to try their miniature selection of desserts – there was cream brulee, strawberry cake, chocolate mouse, chocolate spring rolls, strawberry with watermelon sweet salsa and profiterole with pistachio filling. We well extremely delighted with the presentation of the desserts – it looked fantastic. So here’s my rating overall:

Dining experience (atmosphere and customer service, food waiting time) – 4 star
Food experience – Main course – 3 star and desserts – 4 star
Would I recommend people going – YES

I think for main course if we have chosen other dishes it would have been better, so it’s worth going there again to try it out. The food presentation is fantastic and great service.


2 comments on “Restaurant Review – Red Cabbage

  • I think I’m harsher critic – I probably wont go back there. The waitress who showed us to the table were grumpy the whole time. So 3 star for me. Couldnt taste the Salmon at all – 2 star there. Only thing I agree is dessert was 4 star. I wouldnt recommend you go if you are not willing to pay also $40 for a very small main. I have certainly had much better food somewhere else for a cheaper price!

    • That’s very harsh Pandabear!! Well the mains were not as good as I expected but it could be the dishes we ordered… Dessert made up for it 😉
      waitress at the reception was strict looking or grumpy but other staff was nice and friendly and tops up our water regularly 😉

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