Comfort Food Recipe – Omellete Fried Rice

Published January 22, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Everyone, wow it’s been busy at work today – now it’s quieter I can start writing again. Anyways, Fried rice is a simple, easy and quick recipe and anyone can make fried rice. There’s different version of it but yeah it’s definitely a comfort food and you can make it within 20 minutes. To make fried rice less boring, wrap it up with an omellete and you’re laughing 🙂

Here it is…

Omellete Fried Rice

2 x bowls of rice
3 table spoon of Soya sauce
2 x pieces of Chicken thighs
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic
1-2 sprigs of spring onions
1 cup of frozen mix vegies
1 table spoon of tomato sauce


1. mince garlic, put some oil in the pan and chop up the chicken thighs into little pieces – stir fry it until it’s golden brown and add in the frozen mix vegies – you can buy a bag of 500g frozen vegies that have corn, peas, capsicum etc and stir fry for another few minutes at in soya sauce and the tomato sauce. Now you can make it different with add in fish sauce and tomato sauce and it becomes thai style or just add soya sauce it’s up to your preference. It’s best you use old steamed rice from the night before hand as it doesn’t stick together when you stir fry it.
2. plate up the fried rice, next step is to cook your omellete – whip up the eggs in a bowl and add salt and a bit of pepper for seasoning and pour the mixture into the pan with some oil and make sure you move the pan in the circular motion then once the eggs are cooked, pour the rice back into the pan and wrap the eggs up over the rice and there you have it some omellete fried rice. Simple and delicious.



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