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Published January 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello everyone, I had the worst day ever today – everything start from being bad to worst but the only positive thing that came out of it is that I still managed to post up a blog on food in New Zealand 🙂 How was everyone’s day today?

Anyways, Pandabear and I went for a little walk today as we’ve been pigging out last night with eating grand angus and nuggets for supper and we started chatting around the topic of my blogging. I wanted to ask him for a honest feedback and what he thinks of my food blog as I value his opinion. He thought for a little while and without a slight of hesitation said to me it’s good but it’s too long? I was like really? Perhaps I’ve been waffling on too long and should really keep the writing short and simple to read – few lines only…

So, if everyone could please comment and let me know whether my blog writing is too long – would it be better if it was nice and short few lines and lots of food pictures or??? I would appreciate your feedback. Now I come to think about it I probably don’t read alot of stuff anymore, don’t have much time for it or too lazy so maybe Pandabear is right…I don’t like it when he’s always right… 😦

okies, that’s just my current blog insight. Anyways, we ended up brainstorming about other blogging ideas – I have decided to include another blog topic – RESTAURANT REVIEWS since I’ve dined in so many restaurants around different countries it’s only fair I made comments about the restaurants..let me know what you think?

Okies, early night for me…good night and sweet dreams 🙂 Hope tomorrow is a better day…


2 comments on “Blog insight…

  • Hmm….
    You know, I reckon sometimes when you are putting your thoughts into words, it’s not that easy to just use a few words? Our minds and thoughts are usually thinking of heaps of things at the same time, and if anything, if you need more words to adequately describe things, I reckon go for it.
    It is true that if things are too long, then maybe people might skip it or not read it all. But I think the purpose of a blog is for you to express what you want to express. Perhaps other people may not like to read it as much as you like writing it. Big deal! Their loss! 🙂

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