Dessert Recipe – Banana Tart Tarzan

Published January 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello again…I’m usually a savoury person so not so much into sweet things but I do occassionally bake..I must admit I’m a better cook than a baker cos one I don’t read cook books so it’s a waste of time for me to work out how to bake desserts cos you need to read instructions and you can’t mix match ingredients – which I’m into..but my baking skill is improving each day and also I’m messy when it comes to baking..Pandabear would find flour in his cup whenever I bake and I’ll be into trouble promising not to bake for awhile cos our kitchen is so small it’s so hard to put all baking appliances around…so theres all my excuses of not baking!! hehehehe…well I came across Jamie Oliver’s dessert recipes…and yes Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite chef and one day I hope to be a female version of him (not looking like him but to have my own cook show and perhaps restaurant…it’s only a dream at this stage…) So as usual my younger sister bought me this huge Jamie Oliver’s cook book that has been sitting in my drawer for ages…every time she sees me she’ll ask have you checked out Jamies’s recipe yet?? I’ll be like…um yeah..I’ll try out the recipe one 2 years has gone past the cook book is still brand new not touched…like I say I don’t read cook books. I’m a freelance cook. Anyways, eventually I came across some video clips of Jamie’s Ministry of food I was like cool…watching a video clip is much better than reading a cook book as you can visually see what’s going on…actually I’m just lazy…making excuses for I end up watching this video clip about Banana Tart Tarzan except some measurement of ingredients wasn’t listed so I had to guess but it turned out great when I made it for christmas dinner…so here it is my version of it…

Banana Tart Tarzan

3-4 bananas
1 x packet or block of Puff pastry dough
1 cup of white caster sugar
1 1/2 table spoon of butter
1/2 tea spoon of ground cinnamon
1 large scoop of vanila icecream

1. First you need to make the caramel so what you do is grab a oven baking tray and line it on to of the stove with fire on and heat it up medium heat add the caster sugar with the butter and mix around it until it starts to go brown and gooey and thick consistency. So make sure you keep and eye out for it that it doesn’t burn and make sure you don’t get tempted to lick the spoons full of caramel. While that’s cooking start slicing your bananas in half, Jamie’s technique peel a banana and with the tip of your knife point that in the middle of the banana and slice it down turn it around and do it to the other 1/2 of the banana and there you have it a split banana.
2. So check out your caramel it should start to look a little runny, so what you need to do quickly is to grab the block of pastry and you can get frozen pastry from any supermarket rather than making your own they take time. So roll out your pastry block until it’s slightly bigger than the size of the oven tray. But now your caramel should be ready..
3. Place the banana splits onto the tray, turn off the heat and try to alternate it so that one side is facing up and one side is facing down and neatly pile them one after another. Add some cinnamon and cover it with pastry. chuck this into the oven and bake it for around 30 min for 180 degrees or until it’s golden brown for the pastry.
4. Here comes the tricky part, you need to turn the oven tray over and it’s quite dangerous at times cos you might get spillage with the hot at this stage I’m panicking that I’ll hurt myself as I’m accident prone…but fortunately the trick is to grab lots of tea tower and wrap it around the oven tray and lean the tray along the edge of the kitchen top and you have to move this upside down quickly. So don’t hesitate and just do it..make sure you don’t have any kiddies around cos it’s dangerous!! Caramel and kids don’t mix well.
5. Now you have successfully turn the tray over and you will realised some banana slices might get stuck onto the tray but that’s ok just poke it with forks and it will drop down and there you have it banana Tart Tarzan Caramel slices and to top it up just a large scoop of vanila icecream in the centre or you can have 3 like mine hehehehe and you’re laughing….it’s delicious…



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