Comfort Food Recipe – Taiwanese Dumplings

Published January 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Everyone, hope this post finds you all well πŸ™‚ wow today is a special day for me why?? Cos it’s my birthday…grrr…I’m getting old but I think a year older a year wiser. So I’m glad to write this post for my birthday – my blog is my birthday pressie… a start to my little food dream. Anyways, I promised I would put up some recipes up cos I’ve done enough writing on the travelling part. So here’s the recipe for my friend Mr Y Taiwanese Dumplings

Taiwanese Dumplings

500g of pork mince
1/4 of cabbages
3 x spring onions
1 x small piece of ginger
1 x table spoon of seasame oil
1 x table spoon of corn flour
1 x packet of dumpling skins

1. First chop up the cabbages finely – the finer the better as it binds well with the pork mince mixture. Then mix the cabbages with the pork mince, finely grate the ginger, add the seasame oil, chopped the spring onions finely (you could also add chives in as well it’s optional), mix the corn flour with some water this helps bind the mixture together.
2. Open the packet of dumpling skins – you can make the dumpling skins yourselves but it’s easier just to buy a packet of pre-made dumpling skins from any Asian grocery stores. If you are keen to make your own. All you need is rolling pin, flour, salt and water and mix the flour, salt and water until it forms a dough and leave for 1/2 hour let it set and become elastic and roll the flour mixture into your palm so it forms a ball and flatten it with rolling pin until it forms a circle shape and thin enough you dont want the dumpling skin to be too thick cos it’ll become chewy but not too thin that it breaks when you put the mixture in.
3. Add 1 teaspoon amount of mixture into the centre of the dumpling skin and dab some water around the edges and fold the circle skin to 1/2 and you can add a few folds to that it binds the skin together (it’s optional)
4. To cook it you can either boil it or pan fried it. To boil it just pop them into hot boiling water and when they float on top they are cooked. To pan fried them, add some oil to the pan and pop them in and once the bottom becomes golden brown add a cup of water into it and cover it with a lid – what that does is to steam the dumpling and when all the water evaporates just take off the lid and let it simmer a bit.
5. For dipping sauce – taiwanese style, add some soya sauce with a few drops of vinegar and seasame oil and if you like it spicy you can also add some chilli sauce into it. You can also buy dipping sauces especially for dumplings in any grocery store.



2 comments on “Comfort Food Recipe – Taiwanese Dumplings

  • nice!!! and you know what? its almost exaclty the same recipe as me family too πŸ™‚ good job MT!

    only diff i can tell is that we salt the cabbage first to remove as much liquid as possible. might be a northener thingy. dumplings are tastey as hell!

    thanks for the post!

    • hehehe great minds think alike…mmm…salt the cabbage first oh I never think of that…cool..I might try that next time…must be a northener thingy heheheheh cos we southerner only salt our cabbages for pickle purpose…


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