Comfort Food Recipe – Chilli Mussels

Published January 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello everyone, I think chilli mussels is one of the popular dishes amongst other Italian food. I’m not a full on mussel person but I love chilli mussels cos of the chilli and dipping sauce…yum yum…so having tasted so many versions of chilli mussels in different restaurants. I have come up a version of my own which is simple and quick and you can’t go wrong…so I hope you enjoy it and it’s best over a glass of white wine…here it is 🙂

Chilli Mussels

500g of mussels
some chillies
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
2 x cans of tin tomatoes
some basils
some white wine

1. Scrub and wash the mussels, the last thing you want is some seaweed or some seagrass going into your chilli mussels so get into it by scrubbing the mussels with a steel wool or brush. Mussels are best serve fresh so if you buy it that day try to cook it that night otherwise you can store them inside the fridge and eventually they will fall asleep and the next day just wash them with water and they will come alive again. Soak the mussels in cold water and some that floats up usually they are dead so you can get rid of them.
2. mince up garlic, chop up chillies, basils – chillies and basils are best mates I love both and it really goes well with chilli mussels. So heat up the pan with some olive oil, chuck in garlic, chillie until you can smell the aroma chuck in half of basils and then chuck in mussels. As mussels cook pretty quickly, drizzle with some white wine, add the 2 cans of tin tomatoes put the lid on for a few minute and you will see all the mussels starts to open up and just stir around make sure you don’t over do it cos the mussel meat will fell out of it’s shell and then salt and pepper to season and add the rest of basil on top. You can serve it in a big bowl and along with some crusty bread and dip your bread into the thick aroma tomato sauce and it’s delicious oh yeah, don’t forget you can also accompany this dish with a nice glass of white wine. There you have it simple and quick chilli mussels that always works 🙂



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