Food at Pingtung, Taiwan

Published January 19, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hope everyone is keeping well. Thanks to my friends who have made some comments and suggestions to my blog šŸ™‚ I will continue to blog on. Our next trip is to my home town Kaohsiung, Taiwan where I was born. I love Taiwan and proud that I’m a Taiwanese. I love Taiwan cos it’s a place full of great things – shopping, eating, sight seeing and the list goes on and on. Anyways so typical food in Kaohsiung well, every city they have night markets and little side street stores that sells absolutely everything thank goodness they don’t sell any dog meats. Well, I haven’t come across any – just a little note I absolutely love animals and to me dog meat is cruelty to animal!!! So I will be pretty upset if I come across any stands that sells dog meats. Ok enough about this, We managed to travel to Taiwan this time with our good friend and my mum and we had quite a good time as usual. My mum’s side lives in this little town call Pingtung so we would also visit there first.

So we got to Pingtung and it was lunch time so we decided to order some bento – literally boxed lunch with either rice or noodle and a selection of meat and other dishes. So I’ve decided to order a Japanese flavoured pork Katsu – similar to crumbed pork snitzel and it came with curry sauce for dipping. That was pretty good. Pandabear ordered Japanese style curry noodle soup – not very spicy but then Taiwanese people dont’ really eat spicy food. So the flavour is catered to the local taste. The price was cheap only cost AUD$5 for each meal. Food is so convenient in Taiwan pretty much you can order any takeaway and they would deliver to your house, some stores will have minimum amount before they deliver food to your place. I was told some Mcdonalds also deliver take away food to your place as well – Awesome!

Anyways, we were feeling pretty food but I had some craving for sweets so my auntie suggested heading down the road with her motorbike and got us some shaved ice similiar to icey ice in Perth except they have heaps more ingredients to choose from and it taste better šŸ™‚ So we ended up with 8 sort of ingredients for our shaved ice – grass jelly, red bean, green bean, clear jelly, lotus, taro, palm sugar and sweet rice balls. Afterwards, we were tummy satisfied and it only cost us AUD$3.50 for the bowl of shaved ice. Food is definitely cheap in Taiwan and the quality is definitely up there. šŸ™‚

Came to brekkie time, my grandma suggested heading down to a brekkie store 5 min walk. We slept in and didn’t woke up till 10am which is considered pretty late for brekkie in Taiwan. So when we got to the shop there were hardly any customers left. The brekkie store usually sells food items such as buns – savoury or sweet, spring onion pancakes, pan fried savoury buns, You-tiao – deep fried roll sticks, drinks will be soya bean fresh ones not the can ones and other flavour creamy ones which the store invents. So we decided to order some pan fried egg pancakes it comes with different flavours – I felt like some ham so I had that – I must admit the ham in Taiwan taste different from Perth but I can’t describe the differences except they taste better šŸ™‚ we also had some pork buns they were delicious very fresh and tasty. To top it off I’ve decided to try their pan fried savoury bun full of chives that was awesome except I was left with chives taste in my mouth. So to flash the chives taste I’ve ordered some soya bean drink. We decided to buy extra ones to take home for snacks. All that cost us only around AUD$10, I went home tummy satisfied and couldn’t believe I only paid AUD$10 for all that food šŸ™‚

It was lunch time, my grandma is a cook and used to own a little restaurant so usually when we go back home she insists on feeding us buy cooking a table full of food even though we kept telling her we would like to try out some take away food. But we love her cooking, she’s an awesome cook! šŸ™‚ Anyways, we were still full from our brekkie so we told grandma not to cook too much as weren’t that hungry. She puts on her helmet and rode her little scooter to the market to buy fresh produce. So here’s some of the dishes she made within 30 min I was very impressed. So dishes includes stir fried crabs with eggs, and stir fried squids – now I’m not a squidy person, but the squids tasted surprisingly delicious not chewy but tender easy to chew and for veggie she whipped up some fresh bamboos – I love bamboos I could eat a whole plate of it I find that Perth doesn’t sell these type of taiwanese bamboos so tender and yummy šŸ™‚ and as a tradition she always accompanies her food with a soup – it’s a must from memory we had miso soup with fresh fish fillet and tofu. Now I’m sure she made another 2 dishes which I couldn’t remember what they were but yeah she’s a fast cook that’s for sure…

Grandma was really disappointed when we told her we’re only staying for 2 nights in Pingtung cos we’ll be travelling to Kaohsiung and Taipei our schedule is packed. Our last night of stay we went out for a big feast at this restaurant – the food was ok, nothing spectacular so I won’t put photos up for them. So till next time.


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  • Hey, maybe what you can do is to actually label the photos that you put up? So that when I mouse the cursor over to the photo, it actually will tell me what food it is?

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