Food at Langkawi

Published January 18, 2010 by Mary Jane

As I flipped through all the 1000+ photos I came across photos taken at Langkawi. So I’ll start from here…

Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea, south of Thailand, 30km off the mainland coast of northwestern Peninsular Malaysia.
My hubby and I decided to arrange for a getaway in some island away from the hustle and bustle to some where we can chill and relax. We arrived at Langkawi, as you stepped out of the plane hot breeze blows right into your face. We arrived at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa the staff were really friendly, picked up our luggages and set us down at the lounge to wait for registration. We got hungry and it was time to have some breakfast…they offered a buffet for breakfast, but we weren’t that hungry so decided to go with what’s listed on the menu.

I had some chicken sausages – they were delicious better than the sausages back in Perth and pan fried eggs with Guava juice for my drink. Then we decided to roam around the hotel and decide where we want to dine and what activities we can do. The beach view is fantastic, you can order food from the bar, so it was snack time for us – satay chicken with cubed coconut rice and some mocktails for drinks. Dinner was followed by bar grill all you can eat buffet. We made a reservation and the staff decorated a little place especially for the two of us, I thought that was very nice of them. We started off with some grill seafood 🙂

We decided it’s time to head down for some massage… this place within the hotel complex called Teratai Spa & I had aromatic massage comes with full body scrubs and aroma full body massage and hubby aka Pandabear had indonesian massage. It was so relaxing that I nearly felt asleep on the table. We also had some bath salt tub filled with nice aromatic oil that was very nice to finish off. I would definitely recommend everyone who comes to Langkawi to try out the massage.

The next morning it was brekkie time we decided to try their buffet all you can eat. There’s chinese section, Nasi Lemak section, Western style section and outside section for curry, roti and omellete freshly cooked. I had a bit of everything…it was very satisfying 🙂

We decided for dinner to try out this Thai Restaurant called Nyom Thai and I had a whole steamed fish, the presentation was fantastic – lot of ginger, mushrooms, chillies and lemongrass – typical thai flavour – the fish was well-done tender not dry and I managed to scoffed it down with a bowl of steam rice. Pandabear had claypot rice – which is not a typical thai dish as he doesn’t eat any spicy food so the only non-spicy food on the list was claypot rice..

We had lots of fun at Langkawi, even though it was for 2 nights stay – we went to the aquarium place – that was pretty average, lay around near the sparkling pool and lots of food eating. I would recommend anyone who is after for some relaxation to stay at Langkawi – the people are pretty friendly and they are keen to direct you around. Till next time…


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