Food at KL, Malaysia

Published January 18, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, after leaving Langkawi we decided to head towards KL, Malaysia for some serious local delicacies and shopping of course 🙂
We end up staying at Boulevard Hotel Kuala Lumpur which has direct entrance to the megamall – awesome shopping mall you can spend days roaming around as it had about 5 or 6 levels of small shops selling clothes, appliances, shoes, bags, anything you name it they’ve got kinda like a large version of harbour town… We were feeling hungry so decided to order
a bowl of yong tou fu – which is literally a bowl of soup with fish balls, vegies, tofu very nice and light.

Okies, comes to lunch time – we’ve decided to try the famous dumpling restaurant Din Tai Fung conveniently situated at the bottom level of megamall so we didn’t have to endure the heat and go outside. Anyways, I’ve heard lots of raves about the dumpling at this place. The original restaurant was funded in Taipei Taiwan so being a proud Taiwanese I must definitely try this place out. So we ordered some pork dumplings apparently every dumpling has 18 folds at least. I literally counted them, the taste was fantastic, the mince was tender but a warning you must becareful when you bite into them, the soup explodes – fortunately I ate the whole dumpling and the soup exploded inside my mouth so no dramas. The skin was so smooth that you didn’t have to chew much. We decided to order some plain ramen, it was very nice too the noodles are all freshly handmade (even better) 😛 and Pandabear decided to order some fried rice (common why would you ever order fried rice at a restaurant??) anyways, I tried it myself and I must admit it’s one of the best fried rice I’ve ever had. The prawns were fresh and the rice was flavoursome…so I’m glad Pandabear ordered this dish. Definitely thumbs up for this restaurant. Apparently they have a franchise restaurant around the world so if you ever travel around head down to Din Tai Fung

Anyways, dinner time we decided to have some sushi – and came across a sushi train – similiar to the ones at Jaws in Perth. I was really looking forward to this cos I love Japanese food and could eat sushi all day to survive. Anyways, the sushi were delicious as usual they were pretty fresh we ate few plates and ordered some yaki soba – fried Japanese noodles very well done and for the price we paid it was 1/2 as they charge us in RM where as if we were to dine at Jaws sushi train it would have easily cost us around AUD $50. The staff were really friendly constantly served us green tea. You don’t get that in Perth…so we were pretty satisfied with our choice of restaurant for dinner. 🙂

We met up with a friend of ours who was very kind and offered to drive us to exhotic places that sells their local delicacies. So our first stop was off to Bah Kut Teh – which is literally medicinal taste pork rib soup. That place was famous for Bah Kut Teh – the whole streets is selling Bah Kut Teh – I wonder how do people go and choose which restaurant they prefer. Anyways, our friend prefers this particular restuarant so we decided to order some Bah Kut Teh and it comes with You Za Guei (deep fried flour sticks) which you dip them into the soup and eat the Bah Kut Teh. They also serve you with the rice as well. It was delicious, I’ve cooked Bah Kut Teh before in Perth and basically I buy the herbal ingredients that comes in packet and you can get them from any Asian grocery stores and all you do is add some cloves of garlic and chuck the packet of Herb ingredients in the soup and add in pork ribs and there you have it some Bah Kut Teh but the taste of the soup in this restaurant was delicious and the meat is well cooked to the point it literally melts in your mouth. One of the best Bah Kut Teh I’ve tasted.

Okies, our next stop is all the way to Genting Malaysia | Resorts World Genting – City of Entertainment I really admire our friend who went into the effort of driving us to different places for many hours just to try the local delicacies 🙂 our next stop was at this fish place that apprently sells the freshest and tastiest fish. Upon our arrival there’s a stand where they charcoal fried the chest nuts – the aroma was fantastic it was starting to make me feel very hungry. The guy selling the chest nuts spotted us straight away and just came to our table and dropped off 3 chestnuts for us to try out. I gobbled it down and thought this is pretty tasty. Within minutes, this guy ran to me and offered me to buy a bag of chest nuts. Our friend shook his head and said no to this guy. I felt kinda bad, the chest nuts were pretty yummy and we did try one for free so I said I’ll buy the whole bag. Even though that guy may have ripped us off it was only a few dollars after conversion. So we ended up ordering some tofu stir fry along with steamed fish, it was really yummy it’s definitely fresh and tasty full of flavours. For drinks we had a coconut juice – freshly cut and you can even dig into the coconut flesh. Afterwards we rode the gondola all the way up to the highland area it was kinda scary cos me and Pandabear are both kinda afraid of heights and our friend was even more afraid so that makes the three of us sitting in one gondola hoping it doesn’t stop in the middle of the mountains. Thank god the ride wasn’t too long, we eventually arrived to the top

So I found the place that sells what Doremon eats Dorayaki – literally little round cakes that has red bean filling inside it and sometimes you can have custard as a filling. Followed by some durians. If you come to Malaysia you must try the durians, I really hate it cos it’s stinky and the taste really puts me off. But our friend and Pandabear really loved it ate a whole durian.. they call it liquid gold once you have a piece of it you will be hooked on and there’s no turning back. It didn’t do that for me, I tried one piece and couldn’t finished it cos I felt like throwing up and couldn’t stand the taste of it.

Pandabear found this place opposite to the megamall which sells roti canai so we decided to have that for brekkie. How strange is it for people to have curry and roti for brekkie anyways, I eat anything so we went and ordered some teh tarik – which is literally pulled mik tea and some roti canai – which is some thin pan fried pancake served with curry. Now it was facinating to see some guy pulling this milk tea out of a jerry can and transferring them into another can and they were 1 m apart – there’s some talent over there… anyways we came across some triangular brown paper wrapped with some banana leaves – I wonder whats in there, Pandabear said they were Nasi Lemak. I was too full after roti canai and teh tarik so didn’t try out the Nasi Lemak – perhaps next time… we only paid like few dollars for the brekkie – well worth it 🙂

Our friend decided to bring us to some hawker store for supper this was like around 11pm and the place was still packed with people eating supper – how do they sleep well with such full me but I can eat anytime so it wasn’t a problem for me. We ordered rojak – literally is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Malaysia with some sauce. It was tasty for entree and then some curry Laksa noodle soup and wanton mee & bbq pork. They were tasty and really cost us a few dollars, I could stay at that hawker place all day and try out each stores. But I think for supper this was enough…

Our next meeting was with Pandabear’s work collegue who is from Malaysia who suggested dining at this Taiwanese restaurant – I was a bit sceptical at first I wonder if they do proper Taiwanese food. So I went there ordering my favourites – ‘siang chan’ – Sausage wrapped outside glutonese rice – and it actually tasted pretty decent. I just whether the ower was Taiwanese and they said nope he’s a local but he’s been to Taiwan before and they have tried to replicate the flavour here. I’m impressed it acutually tasted like ones which I can buy in Taiwan. Then I had ‘sien su ji’ – literally deepfried with basil chicken pieces. It was a disappointment – cos it was so salty I only had a few pieces and had to gobble it down with my drink. Pandabear ordered steam boat – it was pretty ordinary – nothing spectacular… I think it’s not bad for a locally owned Taiwanese restaurant and it’s conveniently situated inside Megamall. 🙂 We finished it off with Haagen Dazs – we had green tea and strawberry flavoured ice cream. I was really excited cos we don’t have Haagen Dazs in Perth and the ice cream was well worth it full of actual fruits…

We met up with some of Pandabear’s relatives and they took us out to this nice chinese restaurant which we ordered around 10+ dishes and they were all pretty nice, we had some stir fried clams, deep fried prawns, deep fried chicken pieces and huge red crabs – they were delicious!!! I was gobbling them down so didn’t take every single dish…

Ok, it was time for our friend who would drive us around to places to try out local delicacies. Our next stop was Melaka a nice little town. On the road we see this nicely decorated with flowers tricycles – they were man powered and they offered to take us around different popular places within melaka for RM100 that’s pretty decent, so we hopped on to them and realised that the one who was riding the tricycle was a middle aged man and he was having difficulties riding us up the hills – poor thing I said to him sorry I’m abit heavy and he replied in broken english – ‘no problems, some western people lot more heavy than you…’ I’m not sure whether I should take that as a compliment anyways, I got off to help him over the hill so we continued our journey around Melaka. Melaka is famous for it’s chicken rice balls. So that’s exactly what we have a plate of chicken, a plate of rice balls and some chicken livers for the brave soul like me – I love livers, gibblets, hearts but definitely NO insects, brains, eyes and anything that sounds gross. It was nice except the thought of eating those round chicken balls which was hand rolled by the locals kinda puts me off. But still it was worth trying 🙂 So that’s our summary of the whole trip to KL, Malaysia we did alot of shopping but I’ll only mention food related post.


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